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If you are looking for an effective and affordable way of keeping your home warm and cozy, then heating with gas could be the perfect option for you.

In New Zealand we have access to both natural gas and LPG heating options, which means there will be a heating solution to fit your needs, style and budget. Whether you are after ambient heating, a ducted multi-room solution or a statement fireplace, heating with gas is the way to go.

Heating with gas is affordable

The costs of heating with gas can be around the same as running a heat pump but without the noise and the big clunky unit on the outside of your house.

Home heating and hot water comprise of 63 percent of your power bill. If you use gas for both you can save even more money. 
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Heating with gas means you will always be warm

You'll be warm no matter how cold it gets outside - gas heating will keep working unlike many heat pumps, which can cut out if the temperature drops too low. Some gas heaters will also keep working if there is a power cut as they aren't reliant on electricity.

Heating with gas is quick

Heating with gas is great for large or small households because gas heaters and fireplaces get to your desired temperature quicker than electric heaters and heat pumps.

They also have more precise temperature control than their electric counterparts, so it is much easier for you to get to and stay at the temperature you want for your household.